The Joshua Lancaster Foundation

We're very proud to announce that we will be supporting the Joshua Lancaster Foundation with a percentage from the profits from all items bought from Harry & Bella.

At the age of just 3, Joshua was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a form of rare liver cancer. A disease that isn’t usually found until adolescence, that was not only in his liver but had also spread to both kidneys. This had never been seen before and Joshua hadn't even been ill up until 2 weeks before his diagnosis. Unfortunately his battle didn’t last long, the disease was too aggressive and spread too fast to even give him a chance. Four weeks later on the morning of 18th November 2017, Joshua took his very last breath in his Mummy and Daddy's arms. 

Despite their heartbreak, Joshua's amazing parents and their family and friends have set up the Joshua Lancaster Foundation aiming to help patients with cancer and terminal illness and also the families of those affected. They were helped by similar charities whilst in hospital and want to put their energy into helping as many children and families that are going through the terrible ordeal they endured during Joshua’s short illness.

My son is a pupil at the school Joshua attended and we therefore thought it only fitting that we chose the Foundation to be supported by Harry & Bella.


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