Harry & Bella is born!

Since being a little girl I've always wanted my own shop, one that sold stationary was my dream. There was a shop near my nursery that sold pens, pencils, stickers and rubbers and I loved going in with my Mum. I guess Smiggle beat me to it though.

So here I am, wondering what else to have in my 'shop'. As a Mum of a not so little boy and a quite little girl, I'm always trawling the shops and the internet for different outfits and gift items, without paying a fortune. Like most Mums, the money I used to spend on outfits and shoes for myself now goes on my kids. My daughter now has a larger shoe collection than my once considerable one! 

So Harry & Bella was born. We will trawl the internet and the suppliers for you, trying to find different and unique items for the little people in your life.

And of course each item comes approved by my own 'Harry and Bella', the little people in my life 😉