Teething by Amelia Cunningham

In the first of her series of monthly blogs for us, Amelia Cunningham talks teething.

Teething Jewellery- Fashionably Taking The Pain Away From Teething


Are you spotting the signs of teething and wondering what you can do to soothe those little gums? There are so many over the counter remedies to choose from and as a parent it can be quite overwhelming figuring out what treatments to buy to help relief the pain from your little one. Some of these will work, some will not. One remedy, however, that has been proven to the do the trick time and time again is teething accessories, a natural alternative or accompaniment that can be used endlessly.


Have you put away your jewellery since becoming a mum after realising that as soon as our babies spot it, it’s straight in the mouth, or worse yet, broken on the floor after being yanked off? If this sounds like you, it’s probably time to ditch the Pandora's and reach for Mama Knows Silicon Teething Jewellery. Yes that’s right, jewellery us mums can wear which our babies are free to pull, chew and suck wherever and whenever they please.


Mama Knows teething jewellery comes in a range of colours to suit any mum’s style while it’s silicon material makes it perfectly safe for our babies to handle. What’s more, silicon is a rubber that doesn’t come with any concerns or allergies making it a safe option for your baby.


These teething necklaces are light in weight and are a practical accessory to be enjoyed by both you and your baby. They give mums peace of mind as they are 100% safe for babies to put in their mouth with us safe in the knowledge that the silicon beads will give them some relief and help sooth their gums.


Your teething necklace can be useful while sitting down and cuddling your baby, or even while your feeding them. If you are breastfeeding your baby, or if your baby is taking from a bottle and they are becoming more aware of their surroundings, they may want to start to pull and fiddle with things. One of these teething necklaces will be a great distraction for their little hands and will keep them occupied and amused.


These teething necklaces can of course be worn all year round, but we stock some fab colours that will be perfect for the summer, including our “Betty” Teething Necklace in Sunshine or our “Freya” necklace in Mint & Marble. They can look really stylish this season worn over a floaty summer dress, but work well with any outfit you want add a pop of colour to.


Don’t forget, it’s not just necklaces they can get their tiny hands on, it’s your bracelets too. Mama Knows Silicon Geometric Teething Bangles may also prove a hit with your little one. They may enjoy fiddling with these around your wrist,  and again come in a range of colours. The geometric design is super stylish and will work with any outfit.


These teething necklaces are a great choice if you are looking for an alternative option from the usual off the shelf teething treatments, while they would also make a perfect gift for someone special. You can check out all of the Mama Knows teething jewellery range here which all come with free posting.


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